Release – May 14

Air Travel Card Partners With Verifone To Offer Secure Electronic Commerce To Business Travelers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Air Travel Card (ATC), the world’s first business travel payment system, announced today an agreement with VeriFone, Inc., the leading global provider of secure electronic payment solutions, to bring a higher level of secure electronic commerce to the business travel industry. Utilizing the SET Secure Electronic Transaction protocol, this agreement will build a foundation for Air Travel Card member airlines and corporate cardholders to conduct secure transactions over the Internet.

Through its Electronic Commerce Program, ATC will provide American Airlines and Lufthansa German Airlines with VeriFone vPOS software, which will enable them to accept the Air Travel Card as a secure form of payment over the Internet. These airlines, in turn, will conduct pilot programs with their Air Travel Card subscribers providing them with compatible VeriFone vWALLET software to initiate electronic payment transactions. The system provides near-instantaneous authorization system for the airlines’ Internet payment transactions, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent charges.

Verifone vPOS software will allow Air Travel Card’s airlines to accept Internet transactions based on the SET protocol. Once a cardholder (consumer) selects an itinerary, vWallet software initiates the payment transaction with the airline’s (merchant) vPOS software. Just as a merchant in the real world authorizes charge card purchases with a particular card issuer, the vPOS merchant software will perform an electronic verification ensuring a cardholder’s account is not being fraudulently used.

A consumer uses vWALLET software that a consumer uses to facilitate secure purchasing over the Internet. The wallet software is designed to mirror the way a consumer makes purchases in the physical world, enabling consumers to “carry” vWALLET software to an Internet site and select a charge card when purchasing an airline ticket. Additionally, transactions are protected with high levels of encryption, which makes for virtual shopping as secure as that in the real world.

“This accord sets the stage for Air Travel Card’s Electronic Commerce Program, which will allow the world’s airlines to accept the Air Travel Card as payment in an extremely secure environment,” said Charles Fischer, managing director of Air Travel Card.

The second phase of the ATC-Verifone agreement will be an incentive program designed to expand the program to other airlines that accept the Air Travel Card through the Internet. “It is the aim of Air Travel Cards to make its Electronic Commerce Program accessible to the more than 200 airlines that accept the Air Travel Card as a form of payment. The incentive program will offer discounted merchant and cardholder software, as well as end-to-end testing with specially trained personnel and turnkey operations.”

“Air Travel Card is demonstrating its industry leadership by implementing this electronic commerce initiative,” said George Hoyem, vice president of VeriFone’s Internet Commerce Division. “Once these measures are in place, payment over the Internet will be more secure.”

Air Travel Card is the business travel payment system offered by 29 airlines and accepted by more than 200 air carriers around the world. As a part of its global network, Air Travel Card owns and licenses the brands AirPlusā„¢ (Europe) and PassAgeĀ® (Asia) that provide value-added benefits to travelers.

VeriFone, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary along with ultimate youtube ( ) of Hewlett-Packard Company, is the leading global provider of secure electronic payment solutions for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. VeriFone has shipped more than six million electronic payment systems, which are used in over 100 countries.

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