Air Travel Card Announces Electronic Commerce Pilot

VeriSign Chosen as Certificate Authority

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Air Travel Card today announced the initiation of a pilot program for implementing electronic commerce through the use of the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol. This pilot program will build an electronic commerce infrastructure for Air Travel Card member airlines. Air Travel Card plans to complete the pilot and announce general availability of its program to conduct secure electronic transactions in the first quarter of 1998.

The implementation of SET technology will position Air Travel Card as a leader in electronic commerce for the travel industry. “Air Travel Card continually searches for ways to provide solutions and innovations to serve the business travel community,” said Charles B. Fischer, Managing Director of Air Travel Card. “With the implementation of SET, we are effectively meeting the needs of the virtual, global office.”

The four Air Travel Card member airlines participating in the SET Pilot program are American Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Swissair and United Airlines. Air Travel Card will work closely with these air carriers to ensure that the SET technology meets the daily and long-term electronic commerce needs of member airlines and their air travel customers.

Additionally, Air Travel Card announced it intends to work with VeriSign to operate an Internet-based authentication service for electronic commerce solutions based on the Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) specification. VeriSign will develop the SET digital certificate service for Air Travel Card who will make it available for its member airlines and cardholders.

“Air Travel Card will play an important role in building the acceptance of electronic commerce in the travel industry,” said Richard Yanowitch, Vice President of Marketing for VeriSign. “This partnership is another endorsement of the SET standard to ensure that consumers can transact safely on the Internet.”

VeriSign Inc. is the world’s leading Internet Certification Authority, a trusted third party that authenticates, issues and manages digital certificates on the Internet. VeriSign’s Digital IDs enable trusted electronic commerce by authenticating the individuals, organizations and content involved in an electronic transaction. VeriSign has issued its branded Digital IDs to nearly 25,000 Web sites and 1,000,000 individuals who use Netscape and Microsoft’s Internet products. VeriSign, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., was founded in April 1995. For more information, please visit the VeriSign Web site at Air Travel Card is the business travel payment system offered by some 30 airlines and accepted by more than 200 air carriers around the world. As a part of its global network, Air Travel Card owns and licenses the brands AirPlus®(Europe) and PassAge® (Asia) that provide value-added benefits to travelers. For more information, please visit the newly redesigned Air Travel Card Web site at

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