Bio – Charles B. Fischer

Managing Director

Charles B. Fischer has been associated with the Air Travel Card for over 20 years. He came to the Air Traffic Conference of America, a division of the Air Transport Association of America, in 1968 as Manager of Passenger Service Planning. In 1970, Fischer became Assistant Secretary of the Universal Air Travel Plan, the parent organization of Air Travel Card. Later, he served as Director of Special Programs for the Air Traffic Conference and in May 1974, assumed the duties of Secretary of the Universal Air Travel Plan. In 1985, Fischer was promoted to Executive Secretary and in 1991, the Air Travel Card Board of Management promoted Fischer to Managing Director.

In his early years with Air Travel Card, Fischer was responsible for establishing American National and International Credit Card Standards, including the standard numbering system for credit cards, and the now familiar magnetic stripe technology. As Director of Special Programs, Fischer coordinated various airline programs related to self-service ticketing and automated passenger processing.

As Managing Director of the Universal Air Travel Plan, Fischer establishes Air Travel Card policies that are in response to the requirements of all member airlines. He also coordinates inter-airline procedures to ensure standard practices within the limits dictated by the competitive environment. Fischer is responsible for overseeing the Air Travel Card promotional, marketing, and insurance programs.

Fischer represents member airlines on all marketing/technical inter-industry forums related to credit cards, and is responsible for coordinating airline interests with the credit card standards committees of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). He currently also is a member of the Board of Directors of the ASTA Scholarship Foundation.

Fischer is married to the former Susan Bertman of Margate, New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Fischer have two sons, Charles and Douglas, and reside in Burgess, Virginia. He is a first time grandfather with the birth of Tayler to his son Charles and daughter-in-law Penny.

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