Bios – Richard Crum

Director, Operations & Services

As Director of Operations and Services, Richard Crum is responsible for the coordination and oversight of Air Travel Card product standards and features, subscriber services, and contractor agreements (including compliance and settlement). He serves on several industry standards committees representing either the Air Transport Association (ATA), Air Travel Card, or the airline industry.

Additionally, Richard serves as secretariat of the Electronic Marketplace Committee and Smart Card Subcommittee. Both are joint ATA/International Air Transport Association initiatives to study and form recommended practices and standards regarding emerging technologies and their application to travel.

Because of his experience and unique vantage point to the application of communication and commerce technologies in the travel industry, Richard is often called upon to share his views of the future of electronic commerce in relation to the purchase of air travel.

Richard joined the Air Transport Association four years ago with a background in electronic publishing. Before joining Air Travel Card, he was responsible for the development of the ATA Internet site and corporate access to the Internet. In addition he oversaw ATA electronic publishing initiatives including production of a CD-ROM project and initiation of an ATA members only private Internet site and employee Intranet.

Richard is a graduate of George Mason University. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children.

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