Air Travel Card had more the $10 billion in worldwide billings in 1996 which places it second among corporate charge card air travel billings. Air Travel Card the preferred airfare payment system at over 100,000 companies worldwide include 75 of Fortune 100 corporations.

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Why More & More Corporations Are Turning to Air Travel Card

Airlines and corporate travel agents have worked to together to extend Air Travel Card’s low cost benefits to corporate clients. This partnership has allowed travel agents to reduce float and provide their corporate customers with the information they need to manage business travel expenses. It is an easy sell for airlines and travel agents, just look at the benefits below.

Superior Management Reports – Management reports detail travel expense patterns providing your corporate client’s with precise information for budget analysis and forecasting of air travel.

Comprehensive Billing Options – Concise centralized billing from the issuing airline is available in multiple formats to interface with accounting systems. Customized billing options break expenses down by cost center, department, project, client, employee or other category, whatever best suits your customer’s needs.

Improved Credit Security — Keeps air travel charges separate from other corporate travel and entertainment expenses, adding greater control by discouraging credit misuse and making reconciliation much simpler.

Cardless Accounts for Greater Control — Corporations can choose to establish cardless accounts and not issue cards to employees or only to those employees who need to purchase ticket “on the fly”.

Choice/Corporate Flebibility — Air Travel Card offers one of the most efficient and flexible payment systems available. From a cardless account to a co-branded Corporate Air Travel Card MasterCard or Visa, no other corporate payment system allows so much choice.

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Air Travel Card Product Features

No Cost to the Corporation — The only corporate charge card with no annual fees, no deposits, no per-card charges and no fees for management reports.

Automatic Employee Insurance — Employee travelers receive $200,000 worth of travel accident insurance at no cost with every ticket charged.

Upgraded Options — Additional levels of insurance coverage available for corporate users, individual travelers, and their families are available at low cost.

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