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Duty Free?

If you decide to make a duty free purchase in an airport make sure that you pay with a credit card. In several countries, including the United States, duty free purchases are handed to you as you board the aircraft for your international flight. There have been reports in the news lately regarding a duty free scam taking place at Washington Dulles, JFK, and O’Hare airports. A customer makes a duty free purchase, pays cash and gets his receipt, boards the plane and waits for his purchase, which never arrives. If you have paid by cash you have very little recourse if this type of incident happens. If you’ve paid by credit card, you can call your bank and dispute the charge

More About The Ultimate Corporate Payment System.
The Air Travel Card is issued by 29 airlines worldwide and is an accepted form of payment by virtually every airline across the globe. As part of its global program, Air Travel Card also owns and licenses the brands AirPlus (Europe) and PassAge (Asia) that provide value-added services to business travelers.

In addition to the centrally-billed, airfare-only payment system, Air Travel Card also provides corporations with the multi-purpose option of a combined Air Travel Card Visa or MasterCard. The multi-purpose products allow corporations to keep a tight lid on airfare expense through the Air Travel Card while affording their business travelers the use of a Visa or MasterCard.


Air Travel Card had more the $10 billion in worldwide billings in 1996 which places it second among corporate charge card air travel billings. Air Travel Card the preferred airfare payment system at over 100,000 companies worldwide include 76 of Fortune 100 corporations.

Air Travel Card Product Benefits

Superior Management Reports – Management reports detail travel expense patterns providing your corporation with precise information for budget analysis and forecasting of air travel.

Comprehensive Billing Options – Concise centralized billing from the issuing airline is available in multiple formats to interface with your corporate accounting systems. Customized billing options break expenses down by cost center, department, project, client, employee or other category, whatever best suits your needs.

Improved Credit Security – Keeps air travel charges separate from other corporate travel and entertainment expenses, adding greater control by discouraging credit misuse and making reconciliation much simpler.

Cardless Accounts for Greater Control – Corporations can choose to establish cardless accounts and not issue cards to employees or only to those employees who need to purchase ticket “on the fly”.

Choice/Corporate Flexibility – Air Travel Card offers one of the most efficient and flexible payment systems available. From a cardless account to a multi-purpose Corporate Air Travel Card MasterCard or Visa, no other corporate payment system allows so much choice.

Air Travel Card Product Features

No Cost to the Corporation – The only corporate charge card with no annual fees, no deposits, no per-card charges and no fees for management reports.

Automatic Insurance – Travelers receive up to $200,000 travel accident insurance at no cost with every ticket charged.

Upgraded Options – Additional levels of insurance coverage available for corporate users and individual travelers are available at low cost.

Corporate Customers

Established in 1936, the Air Travel Card was the world’s first charge card and has now evolved into the Ultimate Corporate Payment System (SM). For over 60 years, Air Travel Card has provided corporations with the products and services necessary to closely manage corporate travel. Air Travel Card is more than just an ordinary charge card, it is a total business travel payment system. The Air Travel Card offers corporations three options to control business travel expenses:

  • A centralized, air-fare only charge card
  • A cardless account
  • A multi-purpose Visa or MasterCard combined with Air Travel Card

Air Travel Card provides a flexible system that answers all corporate travel payment needs. To learn more about the Air Travel Card payment system, click here.

Air Travel Card Partners
Air Travel Card is issued by 29 airlines around the world. From markets like Tokyo and Frankfurt to Dallas and Amsterdam, Air Travel Card has an airline that provides airfare payment products and services to its customers. Air Travel Card is also accepted as a form of payment by virtually every airline across the globe.
Air Plus & Passage
As part of its global network, Air Travel Card owns and licenses the brands AirPlusā„¢(Europe) and PassAgeĀ® (Asia) that provide value-added benefits to corporate travelers
Insurance Features
The Air Travel Card provides business travelers with automatic insurance coverage while on the road. With additional coverage options reaching $1 million, Air Travel Card can provide corporations and business travelers with peace of mind while away from home.
Apply for a Card
Corporations can easily download an Air Travel Card application for submission today if you prefer, or an application can be mailed to your attention.

Electronic commerce

Electronic commerce
takes a new step forward as Air Travel Card becomes one of the first charge cards to offer Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) technology on a widespread, permanent basis. SET is the standard developed for conducting secure credit card transactions on the Internet.

Air Travel Card has developed a long term E-Commerce plan that includes the use of SET. ATC is building a complete infrastructure that will enable airlines and cardholders alike to enjoy the benefits of Air Travel Card from through the Internet.

In addtionion, ATC is providing American Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines and Swissair with VeriFone vPOS software, which will enable them to accept the Air Travel Card as a form of payment over the Internet. These airlines, in turn, are providing their Air Travel Card subscribers with compatible vWALLET software from VeriFone to complete electronic transactions.