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The Air Travel Card is the airlines own charge card. For over 60 years, Air Travel Card has been issued by airlines around the world. It has been the preferred product for their corporate customers for one simple reason – it provides them the information they need, efficiently and cost effectively. Corporations want control and flexibility over their air travel expenses and airlines realize that Air Travel Card can provide the best system in the industry. Air Travel Card has become the key ingredient in airline – corporate customer partnerships. To learn more about the Air Travel Card payment system, click here.
InfoSearch Beard Trimmer ’98 Orlando is an industry forum with the senior financial and marketing executives in the airline industry attending. The goal of this seminar is to inform attendees of the value of the Air Travel Card and how its usage can increase a carrier’s revenue and provide added value to the carrier’s corporate customer.
Accepting Benefits
With over 75 of Fortune 100 companies using the Air Travel Card, accepting Air Travel Card as a form of payment is a good business decision with a lower interchange fee than with other credit cards. Virtually all of the world’s airlines accept Air Travel Card as a form of payment.
Issuing Benefits
Air Travel Card is issued by 29 airlines worldwide. It is the choice for airlines who want to learn about who their customers are, when they fly, where they fly and on what they fly. Additionally, the financial benefits of the Air Travel Card program make it a win-win system for both airlines and corporations.
Insiders Club Features
As one of the benefits of the Insider’s Club, Air Travel Card was the first to offer worldwide travel insurance developed specifically for travel agents, airline employees, and everyone who is eligible to travel on free or reduced rate industry tickets. In addition, Insider’s Club members receive valuable discounts on selected hotel, car rental and many other assorted businesses.
The Bulletin
The Bulletin newsletter provides an insider’s view of Air Travel Card. From the latest news about marketing initiatives to new product features, The Bulletin allows our airline partners a view from the inside. In addition, Air Travel Card couples the latest product news with valuable information about the corporate travel industry.
 Card Briefs
Now available via Air Travel Card’s Email subscription service, the Card Briefs newsletter provides airline personnel with the latest sales information about Air Travel Card products and services. Produced quarterly, this newsletter is filled with tips and proven Air Travel Card sales techniques. Card Briefs also supplies news on trends effecting corporations and their business travelers.

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